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Adidas Terrex unveils first ever prayer mat, the future of porcelain toilets is wood and why most Gen Z and Millennials base travel destinations on tv shows.

Adidas creates first prayer mat to make outdoors more accessible

adidas TERREX, Wiggle and Muslim Hikers, UK

UK – Adidas’s outdoor-focused line adidas Terrex has teamed up with UK-based sports retailer Wiggle and hiking group Muslim Hikers to create a prayer mat for outdoor use.

The mat, made of 100% polyester, is lightweight and durable, and is designed to let Muslim outdoor adventurers pray comfortably wherever they trek.

The mat features designs inspired by traditional Islamic art and topography. It also has pockets in all four of its corners so rocks or weights can be added to keep it flat.

To date, 100 prayer mats have been made and donated to Muslim Hikers, and more are to be produced and sold for £20 ($24.99, €22.80) on Wiggle’s website.

Brands that are serious about inclusivity are evolving beyond seeing marginalised consumers as singular in identity. In our Modest Wear Market we observed that in order to cater for young fashion-conscious Muslims, brands must understand their religious requirements but also serve their need for individual self-expression.

Strategic opportunity

Collaborate with marginalised consumers to make products that serve overlooked needs. Prioritise products that make them feel safe to express their identities in multi-faceted ways

Woodio’s toilet swaps porcelain for minimal wood material

Woodio, Finland Woodio, Finland
Woodio, Finland Woodio, Finland

Finland – Finnish interiors brand Woodio and agency Pentagon Design have joined forces to create Block, reportedly the first toilet made entirely from a patented mixture of wood chips and resin rather than classic porcelain. The companies aimed to produce an alternative to the large carbon footprint of the ceramics industry.

Winner of the 2023 Design Plus Award, Woodio’s invention is warmer than regular toilets, features a dirt-repellent coating and is practically unbreakable in everyday use. ‘The demand for ecological products is growing rapidly,’ says Petro Lahtinen, the founder and CEO of Woodio. ‘However, the bathroom sector has currently only been able to come up with solutions for reducing water consumption. It is important to find responsible alternatives for household products that can be found in every home.’ Block is already available for purchase and retails for £777 ($971, €887).

In Material Far Futures, we looked at how tomorrow’s materials, similar to Woodio’s bio-material, will be brighter, stronger, more dynamic and less ecologically damaging.

Strategic opportunity

From home essentials to hospitality, consider how you can re-assess existing material usage in your industry to identify the potential for using innovative sustainable materials that are becoming more stylish and more commercially acceptable

ClearScore introduces enhanced menopause support

UK – ClearScore, a free credit score and report app, has signed a menopause workplace pledge and published a new menopause policy for employees affected by hormonal imbalances and other perimenopause and post-menopause symptoms.

The range of support will include: five days of paid leave per annum in the first two years of symptoms; flexible working to attend appointments and cope with fatigue; medical support through fortnightly, in-person GP appointments and online through Babylon Health; and access to education app Fertifa and menopause app Balance. ClearScore has also published an enhanced policy for baby loss, which includes automatic one-month leave and full maternity entitlement for the mother for six months after baby loss.

‘We want to normalise the conversation on the menopause and provide extra support for employees who have symptoms impacting their work or employee experience,’ says Louise Jones, chief people officer at ClearScore. These enhanced benefits reflect a larger shift in attitudes that are transforming the perimenopause into a force of collective health, as discussed in our Perimenopause Care-munities Market report.

Moving With Menopause by P.volve in collaboration with Elektra, US

Strategic opportunity

Key life stages and live events can no longer be ignored by employers. Offering enhanced medical and wellbeing support is essential to attract and retain employees post-pandemic

Stat: Pop culture is a driving force for travel destinations

The White Lotus on HBO Max, US The White Lotus on HBO Max, US

Global ­– Consumers are increasingly turning to their screens for travel inspiration, with tv series, films and social media influencing holiday trends for 2023.

American Express Travel and Morning Consult surveyed over 3,000 global travellers on what is informing their 2023 travel plans. The white paper identified a rise of jet-setting motivated by pop culture, as the entertainment content that people consume is becoming a key driver in holiday decision-making.

Social media prevails as a top travel driver, with 75% of all respondents saying they would travel to places after seeing friends or others post about a trip. But entertainment’s influence on travel is now a close second – 64% admit being inspired to choose destinations by what they see on screen. As a result, places featured in Netflix and HBO hits are becoming tourism hotspots.

The success of The White Lotus is a perfect example. After the show aired, not only did bookings in the Four Seasons hotel where the show was filmed soar, they also rose in the entire town of Taormina in Sicily, highlighting the strength of the Travel-tainment market.

Strategic opportunity

Consumers are flocking to coveted and highly mediatised destinations. For businesses in the travel and entertainment sectors, this represents a vast opportunity to put new locations on the map via strong storytelling and compelling placemaking

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