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Xbox brings the dreams of its gamers to life, L’Oréal and Makeup Museum celebrate diverse beauty rituals and nostalgic snacks provide pandemic comfort.

Xbox explores the link between gaming and dreaming

Film by Taika Waititi

Global – Film director Taika Waititi has brought gamers’ surreal dreams to life to promote the Xbox Series X.

To inform the campaign, Microsoft and 215 McCann analysed the dreams of players after they spent time with the new Xbox Series X. The lab recorded their neural activity using a lucid dreaming technique called Hypnodyne that allows researchers to talk to subjects while in a state of semi-sleep.

The results were then imagined by Waititi as dramatic short films that aim to show how gaming affects our sleep and dreaming experiences. The wider campaign will include other creative interpretations of players’ dreams, such as digital creator and augmented reality expert Johanna Jaskowska making filters inspired by the dreams of streamer Emericagirl24.

As consumers look for technological ways to achieve self-discovery and enlightenment, brands such as Xbox can support them by exploring the psychological and creative benefits of gaming.

Superegg hatches its vegan skincare line

Superegg, New York Superegg, New York
Superegg, New York Superegg, New York

New York – The first products in Superegg’s vegan skincare range take inspiration from ingredients used in traditional Asian beauty formulas.

Drawing on the use of eggs in Asian skincare, the brand's plant-based alternative offers the same nutrients and richness as eggs, while providing an eco-conscious product. Launching with a moisturiser and cleanser, and with two face masks in the pipeline, Superegg is reworking tradition to make restorative, balancing formulas.

Focusing on the egg white, yolk and shell, which contain essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, its vegan formula replicate these nutrients to achieve smoother skin. Also recognising the impact of animal agriculture on climate change, Erica Choi, co-founder of Superegg, says the brand is celebrating tradition without damage to the planet and exploitation of species.

In our Nature+ Beauty microtrend, we identify Superegg and a series of other brand innovations emerging as a result of dwindling resources or harmful synthetic ingredients.

L’Oréal’s book spotlights global beauty rituals

US and global – L’Oréal is championing global beauty rituals in a new book showcasing stories from black, indigenous and people of colour.

Beauty Stories from Around the World delves into beauty traditions that are often ignored by history books, from ancient Egypt to the Renaissance period.

Created in partnership with America's Makeup Museum, the book includes diverse perspectives, narratives and images of beauty. As part of the initiative, L’Oréal is also launching a year-long series of digital services via the Makeup Museum’s Instagram channel, marking a celebration of the stories included in the book.

‘Our first book spotlights how beauty traverses colour, gender, ability and more. The way that people use pigments and tools to create beauty is a universal practice,' says Doreen Bloch, executive director and co-founder of the Makeup Museum.

Across industries, brands and individuals are driving future-facing directions in diversity and inclusion. For more, explore our Intersectionality series.

Beauty Stories from Around the World by L’Oréal Beauty Stories from Around the World by L’Oréal

Stat: Nostalgic snacks are providing comfort for consumers

Behave, US Behave, US

Snacking has become a source of comfort for many consumers during the pandemic, with nostalgic brands particularly favoured.

According to Mondelēz's annual State of Snacking Report, some 53% of consumers have been buying nostalgic childhood snacks during the pandemic, while 59% have bought snacks that bring back good memories. Almost two-thirds of people (63%) also say that snacking is one of the ‘bright spots’ of their day.

'Hearing our consumers continue to highlight the importance of snacks that enable them to lead lifestyles or that provide a boost or comfort reinforces to me that snacking will continue to thrive as part of our new normal,’ says Dirk Van de Put, chairman and CEO at Mondelēz International.

As we explore in our Total Tastes macrotrend, consumers are increasingly turning to mood-boosting foods in order to contribute to their holistic wellbeing.

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