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Responsive Architecture

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The digital medium is increasingly reaching into the real world, making the static mobile and bringing the inanimate to life. In galleries, on city streets and in public squares, new responsive installations introduce occasions for consumer interaction and create multi-layered experiences that attract – and retain – interest in an otherwise overcrowded landscape.

Responsive Architecture

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The trends that determine your future success are complex, but by no means unpredictable.

LS:N Global's network of correspondents gives our members a window into the innovations and trends that are shaping consumer lifestyles.

Our innovation specific Seed section is open to all, but to become a member of the network and access our Macro Trends, Toolkits and much more, set up a trial and see for yourself how the market is changing.

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Created by The Future Laboratory, LS:N Global is a trends and insight network that plugs you into what is new, next and innovative in consumer needs and lifestyle behaviour.

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