Flexible friends: Keeping tabs on new technology

13.02.2013 Technology : Flexible Screens : Wearable Technology

London – During LS:N Global’s Technology Network Evening, held at The Future Laboratory HQ last week, editor James Wallman interviewed Peter Firth, senior journalist and technology correspondent at LS:N Global.

Firth spoke about the latest technology on show at this year’s CES exhibition in Las Vegas, in particular Samsung’s flexible screens, PaperTab’s paper tablets, wearable technology and how a Sesame Street app is helping children to read.

‘With PaperTab, the whole idea is that screens should not be breakable,’ said Firth. ‘They should essentially be like pieces of paper. You can drop them on the floor, they can float down, you can move them around and bend them. I would say that in two years we will be able to buy flexible interfaces.’

See the above video for more on Peter Firth’s experience of the CES show and how technology is becoming flexible and wearable. Check our Seed section for more insights from our experts who attended our Network Evening.