Window tunnel: Kinetic installation mimics nature

25.04.2014 Kinetic Nature : Zimoun : Sound
Zimoun : 36 ventilators, 4.7m3 packing chips, 2014

Lugano, SwitzerlandSwiss artist Zimoun is known for making architectural installations that explore layers of sound. For his latest work, '36 ventilators, 4.7m³ packing chips', he transformed the windows of the Art Museum Lugano into wind tunnels, with a flurry of Styrofoam popcorn fluttering against the windows in a white noise soundscape.

As the title suggests, Zimoun placed 36 ventilators – four at each window – in the museum to create a series of 'ventilation chambers'. Filled with polystyrene packing chips, the chambers create noise that is similar to what one might hear on a blustery evening, much like the sound of wind rustling through the leaves of trees. The sight and the sound of the polystyrene hitting the glass is a mesmerising experience.

This is not the first time Zimoun has explored Kinetic Nature – mimicking nature through man-made forces – last year we looked at his ‘329 prepared dc-motors, cotton balls, toluene tank 2013’ project in a Seed. For more on how designers are using sound to create contemplative and immersive environments, read our Soundscapes macrotrend.


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