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02.12.2015 Aldi : John Lewis : The Man On The Moon
Aldi Telescope Christmas Advert 2015, UK

UK – Aldi has hijacked John Lewis’ heartwarming The Man on the Moon Christmas advert in a humorous spoof.

  • The commercial was shown on tv just 10 days after the script was approved
  • John Lewis’ original ad cost £7m ($10.5m, €9.9m) and took seven months to create 

Discount supermarket chain Aldi has created a tongue-in-cheek commercial referencing John Lewis’ 2015 Christmas tv ad in which a man on the Moon connects with a girl on Earth using a telescope.

It took Aldi just 10 days to create and broadcast the advert on UK tv channels after the first script was approved, allowing the brand to successfully tap into the public conscience, and secure about 1.9m YouTube views.

The advert’s tagline: ‘Aldi prices are anything but astronomical’, as well as being a playful nod to a cheaper telescope, cheekily referenced the original while building on Aldi’s fun and humorous approach to marketing. 

The Big Picture

Aldi’s Telescope Christmas advert is part of a wider phenomenon of Brand-Jacking. Find out more about how companies are effectively exploiting visual cues and memes to increase their influence in our microtrend.

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