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Introducing a 3D-printed menopausal treatment powered by AI, SoulCycle founders launch a social wellness club, drones concealed in dead birds and why B2B buyers would like to shop in the metaverse.

Menopausal treatment service Luma uses data, AI and 3D-printed pills

Luma. Concept by Morrama, UK
Luma. Concept by Morrama, UK
Luma. Concept by Morrama, UK

UK – Inspired by fertility-tracking apps, multi-disciplinary design agency Morrama and its research arm Morrama Labs just launched Luma, a smartwatch app that collects data from someone going through the menopause. The company will use the information to tailor the balance of ingredients in its ‘magic compound’ before 3D-printing it into a monthly batch of pills and shipping the treatment out in sustainable packaging.

Luma tracks physical changes in temperature, heart rate, stress and sleep levels to help assess whether ‘the user has had a particularly tough day’, said founder and creative director of Morrama, Jo Barnard, in a statement. She added: ‘This data capture helps build a much broader picture of a woman’s journey and will help brands identify patterns that can help unlock new ways of managing menopause.’

In Tech-powered Perimenopause, we previously highlighted how the femtech industry is expanding to cater for later life stages, including AI-driven solutions like Luma that will empower individuals with better choice and transparency as they approach the perimenopause.

Strategic opportunity

3D-printed treatments tailored through data capture, AI and machine learning will soon be the new normal in the supplements and medication market. Consider investing in innovative human data collection devices (smart rings, earrings, bracelets, etc) to move away from the oversaturated smartwatch market

SoulCycle founders launch Peoplehood, a social wellness club

Peoplehood, US Peoplehood, US
Peoplehood, US Peoplehood, US

US – The founders of cult fitness brand SoulCycle have launched Peoplehood, a new social wellness club. Described as a ‘neighbourhood centre for the soul’, the club offers first-of-its-kind guided 60-minute group conversations called Gathers. Led by Guides, the digital and real-life sessions aim to give members time and space to think about their life, and improve their relationships with themselves and others (members can attend solo or with their partner).

Peoplehood also has a flagship location in New York that offers a range of activities, including fitness classes, meditation sessions, cultural events and community service opportunities.

‘In a world that is more digitally connected than ever, there’s a human connection crisis, and studies show healthy relationships are the number one way to improve our overall physical and mental health,’ says Peoplehood co-founder Elizabeth Cutler.

In Retail Therapy, we highlighted how businesses and brands have leaned into mental healthcare to de-stigmatise and create productive conversations around mental health. Peoplehood is joining this movement, encouraging consumers to connect more fully with themselves while experiencing enriching retail experiences.

Strategic opportunity

Consider offering consumers holistic experiences that place mindfulness at the centre of the purchase decision

Scientists conceal drones in dead pheasants and pigeons

US – Researchers at New Mexico Tech have combined the bodies of stuffed birds and drones, hinting at groundbreaking opportunities for military spy missions and surveillance.

The dystopian prototypes, presented at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics SciTech Forum, are made with stuffed bird parts from pigeons, pheasants, hummingbirds and crows. The biggest challenge for the team of scientists remains the wings, as they aim to create drones capable of flapping their wings and hovering like a real bird. So far, the ailerons aren’t flexible enough to look completely natural, and the model is too noisy to enter the surveillance market. ‘Sometimes you don’t want people to find out that this is a drone,‘ lead author Mostafa Hassanalian, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at New Mexico Tech, told New Scientist.

We highlighted how behaviour analysis has evolved into a lucrative eco-system in our Consumer Surveillance Market. Innovations like these grim drones will generate swathes of opportunities in military artillery, data collection, CCTV, location-tracking and, ultimately, customer surveillance.

Hexo+ drone, Munich

Strategic opportunity

Tech innovators should consider finding more inspiration in nature, such as Tomorrow Machine’s orange-inspired peelable bottle, to make dystopian prototypes more palatable and less threatening to a larger audience

Stat: Most B2B buyers would like to shop in the metaverse

Perfect Corp announces its metaverse eco-system virtually at CES 2022, US Perfect Corp announces its metaverse eco-system virtually at CES 2022, US

Global – B2Bs don’t want B2Cs having all the metaverse fun, according to a recent survey conducted by Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology.

The New York-based marketing agency’s new B2B Future Shopper report found that 67% of B2B buyers want to conduct their online buying via an avatar in the metaverse. Some 68% expect to increase their use of digital channels for purchases. But many are frustrated with the current methods of B2B buying online, with 45% saying it is more complicated than buying offline. The study also revealed that 51% of B2B buyers sellers don’t understand the friction points in the current online buying process.

‘Just like regular consumers, B2B buyers want a more immersive, omnichannel experience and the same attention that is often afforded to B2C shoppers,’ says Hugh Fletcher, global head of consultancy and innovation at Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology.

We’ve spoken about the metaverse’s promise as a more engaged space for organisations large and small, and work spaces are no exception. In our upcoming Work States Futures macrotrend, we will analyse how work is changing and examine how businesses can meet employees’ needs more intuitively.

Strategic opportunity

It's important that businesses embrace the possibilities of the metaverse as a more integrated space.This emerging technology has the potential to make work more intuitive, more connected and more enjoyable

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