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Sanctuary Spa promotes small moments of daily self-care, Sephora’s immersive virtual beauty summit and The Great Resignation is being led by Generation Z.

Sanctuary Spa addresses the self-care gap

This Counts by Southpaw for Sanctuary Spa, UK

UK – Recognising that conventional notions of self-care can be unrealistic for busy lifestyles, the personal care brand’s latest campaign empowers people to seek micro-moments of time for themselves. The campaign, This Counts, features women taking self-care into their own hands. Produced by creative agency Southpaw, it challenges unattainable wellness ideals to instead recognise the importance of small moments of joy such as dancing in the kitchen or spending time in the garden.

Here, Sanctuary Spa is reframing expectations about wellbeing to communicate the message that self-care should be about small, simple acts that can be weaved into people’s everyday lives. By piggybacking on the ubiquitous ‘five-a-day’ programme, we are helping women chunk down what can seem like an unachievable task into simple and realistic goals, that will subsequently form new habits,’ says Niki Macartney, strategy director at Southpaw.

In this way, the campaign reflects the behaviours we explore throughout Synchronised Care, as consumers increasingly reject the commodification of self-care and instead seek to embed care into routines as part of their holistic health.

Strategic opportunity

Wellness brands should facilitate more accessible methods of self-care to reach a broader range of consumers. Aim to create services and communications that position everyday pleasure as a core part of people’s wellbeing

Goa’s alcohol museum bolsters local drinks culture

All About Alcohol by Nandan Kudchadkar, India All About Alcohol by Nandan Kudchadkar, India
All About Alcohol by Nandan Kudchadkar, India All About Alcohol by Nandan Kudchadkar, India

Goa – All About Alcohol is a new museum in the coastal state that aims to preserve India’s alcohol history and elevate interest in the local drinks scene. Created by local businessman Nandan Kudchadkar, the museum centres on the heritage of Goan fermented juice drink Fenithe first indigenous alcoholic drink to obtain the Geographical Indication tag, tying it specifically to Goa.

More recently, Feni has also been named the state heritage drink by the Goan government, indicating its potential for global distribution in the future. By creating a cultural experience and destination dedicated to this traditional drink, All About Alcohol will spotlight local manufacturers to international audiences. Kudchadkar comments: ‘The cosmopolitan world traveller visits Goa and what better place is there in India other than Goa, where you can show to the world the history, respect and flavours of our colonial drink?

To discover more about the ways that the food and drink landscape is evolving to better reflect our cultures, identities and communities, join us on 28 October for our Food & Drink Futures online event.

Strategic opportunity

Tourism services can take cues from this museum to create engaging experiences centred on local culinary heritage. Beyond food and drink, artisans and entertainers could also provide a unique insight into a country’s legacy

Sephora’s hybrid summit taps at-home beauty buffs

Global – The beauty retailer is digitising its annual beauty summit, Sephoria, by creating a 3D, game-like environment that will allow it to reach a wider audience.

This year’s free event, Virtual House of Beauty, will welcome visitors to explore five themed houses. These are the Home Theatre, Family Room, Loft, Sun Room and Back Yard. Each house will host branded content, tutorials and opportunities to meet brand founders and experts virtually.

Registered attendees also have the opportunity to buy an Experience Kit to be sent to their homes in advance, which includes full-size beauty products and samples. By offering this phygital approach, Sephora recognises the ongoing demand for immersive, hybrid events. Deborah Yeh, chief marketing officer at Sephora, explains: ‘We’ve worked hard to recreate the special Sephoria environment our clients know and love by delivering an unmatched virtual experience that they can enjoy free, from anywhere.

Elsewhere, we’ve been tracking the ways that the fashion sector is welcoming its community in the metaverse, similarly orchestrating virtual interactions with industry professionals.

Sephoria, US

Strategic opportunity

In the future, brands and retailers will need to embrace hybrid events to connect with global audiences. Take the opportunity to elevate digital forums by also providing complementary physical products or experiences

Stat: Young US workers are on a job-quitting spree

Hi Guy Z! by Yoox Hi Guy Z! by Yoox

In the US, the pandemic has prompted a shift in mindsets among employees, with many now looking to change jobs. According to a survey by Bankrate and YouGov, this behaviour is largely being driven by younger workers with changing career priorities.

A majority (77%) of Generation Z and Millennial workers (63%) in the US say they’re looking to change jobs in the next year, compared to just 33% of Baby Boomers. In terms of people’s motivation for change, flexible work arrangements were a top priority for 62% of Gen Z and 60% of Millennials.

Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst at Bankrate, explains: ‘They [Gen Z and Millennials] aren’t making as much money as their older, more senior counterparts, so they’re more eager to find higher paid jobs, and they tend to be more technologically savvy, so they’re in a better position to take advantage of remote work opportunities.’

While employers may worry about losing talent, they can take cues from the rise of Out-of-Work Networks, creating platforms and services that reframe the traditional job hunt as a community-driven pursuit.

Strategic opportunity

Employers hoping to maintain or recruit young talent should prioritise arrangements like flexible and remote working. When reaching these groups, consider embracing alternative recruitment channels such as social media or video

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