Who are the Beauty Backlashers?

19.05.2017 Beauty : Wellness : Narratives
LS:N Global case study Anea Duratovic by James Maiki

Global – This tribe of beauty enthusiasts is actively searching for brands, products and processes that enable them to express their love of cosmetics without compromising on their principles.

Frustrated by the industry’s repeat false promises, dubious advertising practices, ethnically unrepresentative product lines and use of harmful ingredients, today’s beauty consumers are taking a more considered approach.

‘Increasingly, I’m noticing just how much advertising is compelling me to buy, buy, buy rather than acknowledging that only certain things are going to be beneficial to my skin,’ says Anea Duratovic, 22, a London-based jazz vocalist and Beauty Backlasher who lives a minimalist lifestyle.

Our other tribe members include Chelsea Miller, 24, a Nashville-based marketer who has swapped harsh chemicals for friendly bacteria, and Tashira Halyard, 35, a Virginia-based attorney who is passionate about the convergence of and conflict between politics and beauty.

The Big Picture

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