Mozilla calls for EU copyright law to be modernised

11.05.2017 Culture : Digital : Technology campaign by Mozilla and Studio Moniker

Europe – The free-software community has created digital propaganda to influence Europe Union (EU) lawmakers.

Mozilla’s Paperstorm game, developed in collaboration with Studio Moniker, updates the ‘leaflet bomb’ concept used in the First and Second World Wars for the digital age. Players click to drop virtual flyers on cities across Europe that ask lawmakers to #FixCopyright.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the proposed copyright reforms in the EU and pressure legislators into implementing changes that benefit rather than hinder the creative industries.

Independent creatives are restricted by the EU’s 2001 copyright directive, which protects the rights of copyright holders above internet users. ‘In the EU, outdated copyright law is threatening the health of the internet,’ Mozilla and Studio Moniker said in a statement. ‘It stifles creativity, making it technically illegal to create, share and remix memes and other online content.’

The Big Picture

  • In line with our Civic Brands macrotrend, Mozilla is acting as a force for good in the creative industries by taking steps to implement real change
  • The free-software community’s Paperstorm and The Glass Room projects apply creative thinking to examine the key themes of the digital age
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