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31.01.2017 H&M : Crystal Moselle : Garment Collecting Initiative
Bring It On by H&M, Global

Global – H&M has launched the next version of its Garment Collecting initiative with the new Bring It On campaign.

  • The campaign film, directed by Crystal Moselle, dramatises the recycling process
  • H&M has collected 40,000 tonnes of clothing since the initiative started, and aims to collect 25,000 tonnes per year by 2020

To raise awareness about the latest stage of the initiative, H&M commissioned director Crystal Moselle to create a campaign video. The film features an uplifting monologue about the value of donating unwanted, damaged or worn-out clothes as well as a description of the various processes the brand uses to repurpose the garments. Images dramatise the tools, machines and workers required to transform the clothes back into usable raw materials.

Switching tones between motivational speech, prose, poetry and elegy for unwanted fashion items, the film’s script ramps up emotional energy as the advert progresses. ‘Suck the metals out of it. Rip it. Grind it. Tear it. Tear it into smaller pieces. Let’s shred it into fibres and turn it into something new.’

The piece culminates with H&M doubling down on its core promise. ‘The useless, the misfit, the redundant, we’ll make sure it gets what it deserves. The only thing we will not do is waste it.’

The Big Picture

Consumer concerns about the environmental impact of fast fashion is driving high street retailers to develop innovative closed-loop manufacturing cycles, and create new marketing angles around them. Read our Recycling Rebranded microtrend for more.

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