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18.10.2016 Natural Ingredients : Tangent GC : Gen Neutral
Tangent GC identity by Carl Nas Associates, Stockholm

Stockholm – Detergent and shoe care brand Tangent GC is expanding its remit with its first line of organic soap.

  • Since 2013, Tangent GC has been creating non-chemical detergents and shoe polishes
  • TGC100 is its first line of personal care products – a set of four organic, perfumed liquid soaps

The only product from Tangent GC that is intended to touch the skin, the series of organic, perfumed soap has the same ethos of using all-natural ingredients. The soaps are made in France from pure vegetable oils, lye, pearl ash, cellulose gum, salt and water. There are no preservatives or colouring, and each is scented with natural perfumes such as vanilla musk and mandarin.

The packaging and visual identity were designed by London-based Carl Nas Associates, who also previously worked on the detergent line. Maintaining its minimalist aesthetic, the design consultancy added swathes of colour in the form of a digital fabric enveloping a white, genderless human body in the campaign imagery. The visual evokes the idea of scent and embraces a genderless aesthetic – showing that the product can be used by anyone.

‘The models were female and male, showing that organic skincare is for everyone,’ Carl Johan Nas, founder of Carl Nas Associates, tells LS:N Global. ‘We showed both genders in an equally unclothed appearance in order to communicate naturalness, and to be fair, to make organic products more sexy, which is still not that common.’

The Big Picture

In our Gen Neutral design direction we examine how beauty brands are creating a new visual identity for unisex products that focuses on a minimalist colour palette and tactile imagery.

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