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23.08.2016 Google Android : Aggro-tising : Backlash Brands
Google Photos: Free Up Space campaign, US

Global: An advert for the latest update of Google Photos mocks Apple users’ inability to expand the native storage on their devices.

  • The ad for Google Photos highlights the larger and, crucially, expandable storage space usually found on Android devices
  • The piece centres on a series of storage full notifications that bear a striking similarity to those found on iOS

The latest update of Google Photos has a new time-saving feature that enables images backed up on the Cloud to be deleted en masse. The app notifies you when you are running low on space and has the option to delete copies of photos that are older than 30 days.

iPhones are notorious for their lack of storage and Apple users, unlike Android’s, are unable to increase their gigabytes at a later date, which means they are forced to regularly delete photos to free up space.

Although iPhone users can download Google Photos they are unable to use the free up space option and so have to continue to manually delete for the time being.

Google is not the only one taking advantage of Apple's flaws to take a dig at its competitors, with Microsoft's ad for Surface Pro 4 taking a swipe at the iPad's shortcomings.

The Big Picture

Brands are using aggressive advertising techniques that present their competitors’ shortcomings while highlighting their own innovative features. To read more about Aggro-tising, read our Backlash Brands macrotrend.

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