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18.04.2016 Juicebox : Gen Viz : Sex Ed
Juicebox App Juicebox App
Juicebox App Juicebox App
Juicebox App Juicebox App

Global – Juicebox is visual-first sex education app designed to appeal to members of Gen Viz.

  • Users can quiz sexual health professionals who are members of the Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists
  • According to Durex, 48% of teenagers say that contracting HIV/AIDs is not something that could happen to their friends

Images of fruit and vegetables including cherries, aubergines and bananas stand in for lengthy amounts of text, highlighting teenagers’ preference for visual forms of communication.

‘Our app is entertaining and fun first, education second,’ Brianna Rader, founder of Juicebox, told FastCompany. ‘Our tagline is: ‘Avoid all the awkward. It’s not, here’s a sex-ed app.’

Two features enable users to either Spill and share anecdotes about their own sex life and relationships or Snoop, which allows them to connect with certified professionals in the field of sexual health.

With high rates of STIs among US teenagers there is a clear need to communicate and teach young adults in a seamless manner. Juicebox creates a safe and anonymous space in which teenagers can learn from experts as well as their peers.

Some of the questions users have asked include ‘Can you get pregnant on your period?’, while one story recounts how a girl asked whether ’you had to do it twice to have twins’.

The Big Picture

It is time to speak to Gen Viz. Visual-first and ephemeral apps, built around peer-to-peer communities, create fun and engaging spaces in which teenagers are open to new ideas.