Cross-reality conflict

15.03.2016 : Gaming : Augmented Reality game, San Francisco

San Francisco – Cross-reality game turns physical environments into massively multiplayer online (MMO) games.

  • The game lets players fight it out for control over real-world locations, combining laser tag battles with strategy
  • San Francisco-based developer has already raised almost £175,000 ($250,000, €225,150) via Indiegogo and is in beta testing

Augmented reality (AR) experienced through mobile devices is adding a layer of digital entertainment to real-world spaces. Some, such as Run An Empire, have an obvious incentive to encourage physical exercise through gamification, while others such as Blippar are changing the way we search. is purely for entertainment, combining the physical and digital worlds – the kind of cross-reality to which members of Generation I are instinctively accustomed – in a multiplayer, first person shooter and strategy game.

Using geo-location and a small infrared sensor called an inceptor, which attaches to the back of a mobile device, players battle it out for control over sectors of their city, create clans and work together to harvest supplies and in-game currency.

The Big Picture

Designers are using technology found in ubiquitous devices to create open-ended experiences in the real world. We spoke to Sam Hill, co-founder of experiential design studio PAN, to find out how.