The E-motional Economy: An introduction

03.03.2016 The E-motional Economy : Emotions : Kasia Maciejowska
Introduction to E-motional Economy by Kasia Maciejowska

London – Introducing The E-motional Economy, the third macrotrend from our forthcoming Spring/Summer 2016 Trend Briefing.

Historically, it has been the considered view that brands use six key emotional building blocks to engage consumers. But increasingly, brands are exploring more complex compound, and often conflicting, emotions such as melancholy tinged with optimism, that are part of being human.

Companies are beginning to create campaigns with greater emotional depth, facilitated by innovations in technology such as virtual reality. Emotional data, gathered by software companies including Realeyes, will also become an important and revealing measure of engagement.

The Big Picture

Emotional impact beyond the dynamics of happy or sad should now be an essential aspect of any brand that wants to thrive. Find out more about our Spring/Summer 2016 Trend Briefing here, or speak to your account manager.