Cream of the crops: A vision of our GM future

19.02.2015 Mariah Wright : London : Network Evening 2015
Mariah Wright at The Age of the Long Near Network Evening.

London – At LS:N Global’s The Age of the Long Near Preview Network Evening last week, senior journalist Rowland Manthorpe spoke to research designer and Central Saint Martins MA student Mariah Wright about the future of genetically modified (GM) crops.

During her research, Wright has studied 10 of the world’s most important crops, including wheat, corn, soy and coffee, looking forward 20 years into the future when the last country in the world is expected to reach its peak oil reserves.

‘Breadfruit, which grows south of the equator, naturally produces a small amount of latex,’ said Wright. ‘It is also related to the mulberry tree, a variation of the classic garden tree, so we could hypothetically create a hybrid of the two, a plant that produces latex and could grow in a variety of climates.’

Wright has also explored GM cotton, removing the need for the intensive and environmentally harmful dying process, and foods that can advertise their own toxicity levels through colour, giving consumers greater transparency and choice about the foods they are eating.

For more on our forthcoming Spring/Summer 2015 Trend Briefing, The Age of the Long Near, and to book tickets, contact Alena Joyette.

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