Inner self: Reebok aims to understand what makes us human

03.02.2015 Reebok : Be More Human : Optimised Self
Be More Human by Reebok, San Francisco

San Francisco – Reebok’s Be More Human campaign, from agency Venables Bell & Partners, is inspiring consumers to understand themselves and their humanness better to create personal goals.

Along with a questionnaire, designed by science journalist and author David McRaney, to determine a person’s ‘human score’, which breaks down factors such as overall fitness, grit, intellectual curiosity and sociability, Reebok is exploring the psychological and long-term benefits of an active body.

Once your human score has been determined, the site then recommends sports, workout styles and wellbeing advice to complement your lifestyle and push you to the next step.

‘Reebok believes that by pushing ourselves to the brink and testing our limitations, we have the power to transform ourselves not just physically but mentally and socially as well,’ says Matt O’Toole, Reebok brand president. ‘We are confident that when we push ourselves, we not only transform our bodies, we transform our entire lives.’

For more on brands facilitating a deeper understanding of our bodies and how to optimise them, members are welcome to join us at our Age of the Long Near Network Evening. 

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