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Bugatti’s rebranding prepares it for a hyper-luxury future, TikTok experiments with in-app gaming, and Gen Z are saving hard for retirement.

Bugatti’s rebranding highlights its luxury sector ambitions

Bugatti. Identity by Interbrand, France
Bugatti. Identity by Interbrand, France
Bugatti. Identity by Interbrand, France

France – Bugatti Automobiles is the latest luxury brand exploring new avenues as a lifestyle company, unveiling a rebranding that will take it ‘beyond being an exclusive hyper-sports car manufacturer to become a wider-reaching luxury brand’.

The refreshed corporate identity, designed in collaboration with brand consultancy Interbrand, is described as bolder, more self-confident, more modern and more progressive, in line with Bugatti’s plans. In a press release, the company says it plans to expand outside of the automotive industry, while also mastering new technologies within it.

The rebranding centres on a blue colour palette in reference to its French origins and fonts inspired by the country’s street signs, while retaining the EB logo. Interbrand’s head of strategy Linda Marquardt says: ‘[The] design encapsulates the iconic heritage of the brand, giving room to its unique elements, such as the EB logo while at the same time opening the brand to an entire new world of luxury experiences.’

In this vein, we’ve previously reported on the need for luxury brands to explore a more liberated future, in which they grow from heritage cues and traditional brand workings to explore ways to have more meaning and engagement with clients.

Strategic opportunity

A refreshed corporate identity can support brands with expansion into new markets or sectors. Which areas could your organisation move into, and how might you communicate this?

Fantasy architecture lays foundations in the metaverse

Six N Five for The Row by Everyrealm and The Alexander Team, US
Six N Five for The Row by Everyrealm and The Alexander Team, US
Inside Andrés Reisinger for The Row by Everyrealm and The Alexander Team, US Inside Andrés Reisinger for The Row by Everyrealm and The Alexander Team, US

New York and Miami – With a growing buzz around virtual real estate, The Row is a development of fictional metaverse properties designed by artists, and only accessible to NFT-holding members.

The brainchild of real estate brokerage The Alexander Team and launched by metaverse real estate development company Everyrealm, The Row is described as a master-planned real estate development, where design-conscious collectors can purchase virtual residences. It was launched with daring digital dwellings designed by six artists, including Six N Five studio, Misha Kahn and Daniel Arsham.

‘The metaverse has no physics, no weather and no limitations other than human ingenuity,’ says Janine Yorio, CEO of Everyrealm. 'The Row brings together visionary artists best known for their architectural landscapes and collectors seeking a unique, limited-edition residence that they can deploy across many different metaverses over time.’

The Row demonstrates how the notion of gated communities that exist in real life will be translated online in the future, allowing the metaverse to carve out niche zones for design-conscious or affluent audiences. For more future directions in luxury lifestyles, join us for our Luxury & Hospitality Futures event on 8 September.

Strategic opportunity

With members’ clubs growing globally, brands must prepare for a future when they will need to infiltrate and court clients in virtual homes, clubs and meeting spaces

TikTok is testing in-app mini games

Global – The social media platform is testing HTML5 mini-games that can be played within its mobile app and discovered via creators’ videos, as it steadily expands its gaming initiative. Partners include developers Voodoo, Nitro Games, FRVR, Aim Lab and Lotum.

Users will find the games when they post a video, with the option shown in the same list as adding a hashtag, adding a location or writing a description. Viewers can then play the mini-games by tapping on the link by the creator’s username. They can also record game play clips to share in a new video. None of the games currently feature ads or in-game purchases, with the platform focused instead on understanding how users interact with them and ascertaining the level of demand.

With more consumers dipping into casual mobile games than ever before, and younger generations tuning into gaming content on a regular basis, TikTok’s initiative is beginning to position the platform as a hub for mobile gaming. Keep up to date with the latest developments in this area with our gaming series.

TikTok For You House at Westfield London

Strategic opportunity

Consider how to tap into growing interest in mobile games, perhaps partnering with a developer to create a simple game to align with a wider campaign

Stat: Gen Z’s retirement savings outdo older generations

Pangaia Pangaia

Young people are acting now and prioritising putting money away for later in life. Gen Z workers aged 18–25 are saving on average 14% of their income for retirement, according to a new study by investment management company BlackRock, compared with 12% for Millennials, Gen X and Boomers.

As confidence over being on track with retirement savings dips across all generations due to inflation and uncertainty, at 69%, Gen Z have the highest proportion of savers who think they’re getting it right. Having grown up during times of huge financial instability, this generation have received the message that they alone have the responsibility to get started. ‘Gen Z was raised in households where there was a need to save for retirement… and the message is out there that you’re on your own, that you need to start saving early,’ Anne Ackerley, head of BlackRock’s retirement group, explains to CNBC.

As we explored in Money Market: Generation Z, the findings illustrate this generation’s pragmatic approach to finance and its desire to make money work for them.

Strategic opportunity

Be a source of reliable financial information that young savers can trust. Help them set goals and spend within their limits to build confidence and lasting brand loyalty

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