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Denim and sports brands celebrate urban cyclists

22 : 01 : 2012 Commuter : Levi's : Puma

Berlin – Urban cyclists are the focus for several denim and sports brands showing their new autumn/winter 2012 collections at Bread & Butter Berlin.

‘There are denim aficionados and there are cycling enthusiasts, and now we have a specialist product for them that ticks both boxes,’ says Jason Kyriacou, UK marketing manager for Levi’s.

Levi’s introduced its Commuter by Levi’s denim range especially for cyclists in the US in late 2011 and will launch it in the UK in April. The range features jeans with a reinforced crotch, weather-repellent stretch denim, a utility bicycle lock waistband and reflective selvage edge piping.

Maker of Swiss Army Knives Victorinox and sportswear brand Puma have also targeted cyclists with dedicated ranges.

Victorinox Protect is a new capsule collection designed by Christopher Raeburn with cyclists in mind. The range comprises jackets and windcheaters that turn into bags and have multifunctional zip pockets that allow the wearer to switch from jacket to bag easily. Items in the range are made from recycled waterproof cotton using vegetable dyes and feature a new shield logo camouflage print.

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Commuter by Levi's Commuter by Levi's
Commuter by Levi's Commuter by Levi's
Commuter by Levis Commuter by Levis