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Womanizer aligns eco-consciousness with pleasure, Vans’ sustainability pledge takes cues from youth culture and Boomers aren’t tempted by BNPL schemes.

A biodegradable sex toy promising sustainable pleasure

Womanizer Premium eco, Germany
Womanizer Premium eco, Germany
Womanizer Premium eco, Germany

Germany – Sex toy brand Womanizer is offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional tech-based pleasure products.

The toy, Womanizer Premium eco, features the brand’s patented Pleasure Air Technology, along with a replaceable and rechargeable battery to increase its run time. Its design takes inspiration from Womanizer’s popular Premium product, but replaces its plastic formula with a biopolymer made mostly from corn starch – making it both biodegradable and recyclable. The toy’s modular design means it can easily be taken apart and its various elements can be disposed of in a responsible way.

Extending its eco-conscious efforts, Womanizer is also partnering with global reforestation charity One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every purchase of the Premium Eco sex toy. ‘The Womanizer Premium eco campaign aims to prove that an orgasm doesn’t need to cost the earth,’ says the brand in a statement.

Through this initiative, Womanizer is supporting consumers in living more sustainably across all areas of their lives.

Poolside FM’s leisure-enhancing suncream

Vacation by Poolsuite, Global Vacation by Poolsuite, Global
Vacation by Poolside FM, US Vacation by Poolside FM, US

US – Online radio station Poolside FM is expanding its summer-centric offering by launching a nostalgic suncream line.

The suncream brand, Vacation, which claims to have ‘leisure-enhancing’ properties, builds on the sense of escapist pleasure that is core to its radio identity. Much like Poolside FM, Vacation features design cues led by vintage travel posters and carefree holiday lifestyles. Developed in partnership with Elizabeth Hale, a dermatologist and vice-president of the Skin Cancer Foundation, the suncream brand was launched with a water-resistant, SPF 30 formula and is specifically designed to be streak-free on all skin tones.

Its fragrance notes combine coconut oil, banana extract and aloe vera, as well as nostalgic scents of pool water, pool toys and swimsuit lycra. Each tube of Vacation sunscream also includes a QR code linking directly to the Poolside FM radio station. Lach Hall, co-creator of Poolside FM, says he wanted to ‘really make sunscreen far more than just a chore – something that can actually enhance leisure’.

As we identify in Elastic Brands, businesses are increasingly becoming Outside Insiders who can adapt their original offering to provide products and services outside of their core sector.

Vans commits to youth-led sustainability goals

California – Skatewear brand Vans has announced new global commitments to environmental sustainability in line with the core values of its young customers.

Its responsibility goals, set out to be achieved by 2030, include creating circular products and systems to reduce waste and keep products out of landfill. Vans will begin using regenerative and responsibly sourced materials including rubber, cotton, leather and polyester. It also aims to source 100% sustainably grown cotton by 2025. Vans also hopes to eliminate all single-use plastic from its packaging and operations in the next five years, as well as convert all its facilities to using 100% renewable energy.

‘As a purpose-driven company that is engrained in youth culture, we are leveraging our commitment to creativity to seek new solutions that re-imagine the lifecycle of our products and protect the environment for future generations,' says Kim Matsoukas, senior manager of sustainability at Vans.

As Vans repositions sustainability as part of its commitment to inspire youth cultures, it is tapping in to the values of a new Reformation Generation.

Vans, California

Stat: Boomers avoid buy-now, pay-later options

Shopify Hardware Campaign Shopify Hardware Campaign

According to global consumer research by eShopWorld (ESW), Baby Boomers conduct international e-commerce in a different way to younger demographics.

While younger consumers sometimes prioritise buy-now, pay-later (BNPL) options when shopping internationally, just 3% of Baby Boomers have used this method. This is despite the primary consideration among Boomers being to seek low-cost products when shopping cross-border (42%), in contrast to 32% in younger age groups.

When shopping online, some 39% of Boomers said they prefer websites to show prices in their own local currency. ‘Our data show that Baby Boomers are participating in international e-commerce more than ever, but that they value different aspects of the cross-border shopping experience than their younger counterparts,’ explains Tommy Kelly, CEO of ESW.

To find out more about how Baby Boomers are managing their finances, discover our dedicated Money Market.

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