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1413 magazine sheds light on modern Chinese wellness culture, Bumble makes its cyberflashing detection tool open-source and US families aren’t getting what they need from travel brands.

1413 magazine sheds light on modern Chinese wellness culture

1413, China
1413, China
1413, China

China –1413, a magazine playfully exploring modern Chinese culture, has published an issue debunking stereotypes on the country’s health and wellness practices.

The magazine, which was founded by creatives Zengli Shan and Wu Yijing (known as Lisa and Echo), has previously addressed a variety of topics, ranging from the societal meaning of the selfie in China to local fandom culture. The seventh issue tackles traditional Chinese medicine and wellness, with a personal and light-hearted approach that defines the magazine’s style.

The bilingual publication has taken two years to produce and is divided into three sections: Hot, Chi and Mind. It gives answers to some common questions, such as the benefits of drinking hot water or how Qi works. ‘The idea of Chinese wellness conjures traditional images of herbs, hot tea, big-brush calligraphy or an old guy with a long beard looking old,’ adds Echo. The result is an educational issue paying homage to tradition, with a strong visual identity and a humorous tone.

The modern Chinese consumer has many faces, and such initiatives help shed light on the intricacies of the country’s diverse cultural context.

Strategic opportunity

1413 shows how to educate consumers on tradition and honour cultural legacy through strong editorial choices – the unique curation of visuals and humorous spin give substance and relevance to the message

Bumble makes its cyberflashing detection tool available as open-source code

Global – Dating app behemoth Bumble has taken another step to make online spaces safer by making its Private Detector tool available as open-source code.

Cyberflashing, the act of sending non-consensual nude images, is plaguing online dating space; it was reportedly experienced by 76% of young women in the UK in 2020. In recent years, Bumble has campaigned for cyberflashing to become a criminal offence both in the US and in the UK, and created a proprietary tool, Private Detector, to tackle the issue in 2019. The AI-powered system blurs pictures where nudity is detected, giving the user the possibility to either view it or delete it, effectively ruling out ‘unsolicited dick pics’.

Bumble has now made Private Detector widely available on GitHub, allowing any company to integrate the tool into their platform. ‘Open-sourcing this feature is about remaining firm in our conviction that everyone deserves healthy relationships, respectful interactions and kind connections online,’ says Rachel Haas, Bumble’s vice-president of member safety.

With that move, Bumble hopes to encourage the wider tech community to join them in combatting harassment online, especially as youth represents the bulk of the dating app’s user base.

Photography by SHVETS production

Strategic opportunity

Effectively safeguarding online spaces will take collective effort. Take inspiration from Bumble’s commitment to protect users and adopt a collaborative mindset

Stat: US families aren’t getting what they need from travel brands

Pittsburgh International Airport, US Pittsburgh International Airport, US

US – Intelligence firm Morning Consult's latest research has revealed that the perception of travel brands as family-friendly is low.

When averaging responses across the most well-known brands measured in each sector, only 26% of US consumers strongly agreed that airlines are family-friendly. The story is slightly better for holiday rental brands and chain hotels, but only 31% and 36% said the same about them, respectively.

There are easy wins for brands to counter this perception, according to the report, including scrapping extra fees for booking airline seats as a group.

With tourism market research firm Longwoods International reporting that family travel accounts for up to 35% of all domestic travel in the US – and with travellers with children spending more than those travelling without – there are significant opportunities for brands in the sector to build stronger connections with families. Understanding what makes the experience easier is crucial, but so is refocusing on the need for family adventure and escape in turbulent times, as detailed in our Millennial Family Travel report.

Strategic opportunity

Enable families to have post-Covid adventures that are not only frictionless but resilience-building and educational

RSVP: Food & Drink Futures 2022 online event

Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory

Join our Food & Drink Futures online event, where we’ll be exploring the ever-changing meaning of nourishment in turbulent times, and discover the cultural rituals, flavour profiles and bio-hacks that are set to propel the food and drink market in unexpected directions over the coming decade.

The desire to eat and drink is a constant human need in a world in which change is inevitable. But food and drink are being redefined by global citizens who are pushing for positive impact on people, planet and profit. In 2022, we’ll take a closer look at how future-fit food systems and new technologies will transform the sector. As consumers continue to re-align their social beliefs to fit their dietary requirements, brands will need to respond, refocusing on niche communities, ingredients and experiences. Join us to uncover the next frontier for food and drink. You can buy tickets for just £80, or join The Future Laboratory Community and get inside access to our full programme of online events in 2022. 

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