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Fruit juice but made normcore, Gucci and The Savoy hotel partner for the Valigeria pop-up and American Gen Z's fashion spending habits

Eager juice rebranding embraces the ordinary

Eager rebranding by Ragged Edge, UK
Eager rebranding by Ragged Edge, UK
Eager rebranding by Ragged Edge, UK

UK – Premium juice company Eager has been given a colourful makeover that takes the frills out of fruit juice. Designed by creative agency Ragged Edge, the rebranding embraces the ordinary with its minimalist design, bright typography and transparent taglines that don’t pretend to be anything other than ordinary fruit juice.

The new identity avoids sweeping claims that try to persuade customers that the juice is the healthiest and freshest choice. Max Ottignon, co-founder of Ragged Edge, says the industry is ‘littered with false claims and unearned hype’. Instead, Ottignon wants Eager to stand out in a market saturated with bold claims and greenwashing, rebelling against the usual juice marketing tropes by choosing to be more honest with customers.

With taglines such as ‘not too picky pineapple juice’, the rebranding shifts the attention towards humble ingredients and classic flavours. For consumers overwhelmed by the bold claims of the fruit juice market, the rebranding aims to spark feelings of comfort and nostalgia.

Strategic opportunity

Customers are often left confused or disbelieving of various claims made by brands. Keep it simple and use transparent language to inspire consumer confidence

Gucci and The Savoy partner for the Valigeria pop-up

Gucci Valigeria at The Savoy, UK Gucci Valigeria at The Savoy, UK
Gucci Valigeria at The Savoy, UK Gucci Valigeria at The Savoy, UK

London – Gucci has joined forces with The Savoy for the opening of a pop-up luggage boutique in the famous hotel.

The Gucci Valigeria offers diverse travel leather goods – including trunks, suitcases, holdalls and handbags – but also board games, travel pet accessories and skateboards, most of which are part of the exclusive Gucci Savoy collection. Guests who book the hotel’s Royal suite, decorated by Gucci in 2021, will enjoy additional perks including a dedicated butler and use of The Savoy’s Rolls-Royce.

‘The Savoy is constantly evolving to accommodate the changing desires of sophisticated global travellers; the suite caters for the needs of a style-driven high-net-worth guest while the Valigeria can provide a taste of luxury to a much wider audience,’ says Franck Arnold, managing director of The Savoy.

The partnership reflects long-standing ties between the two companies, which originated when Guccio Gucci first came to London in the late 1890s and was hired as a porter by the hotel, and caters for HNWI consumers’ appetite for Gated Retail concepts.

Strategic opportunity

Merge retail and hospitality to unlock new layers of exclusive experiences for your loyal customers while boosting brand exposure

Givaudan brings co-creation to the Chinese fragrance market

China – For Western brands, the Chinese fragrance sector remains a largely untapped market, with strong potential for growth. Seizing this opportunity, Swiss fragrance and flavour manufacturer Givaudan has teamed up with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s Tmall Innovation platform to create an AI-powered co-creation service that allows businesses to develop new scents at high speeds.

The Creatogether service uses AI technology to enable fragrance co-creation. It will allow businesses to collect consumer insights and olfactory preferences to create new products. The service aims to shorten the traditional 40-week process of developing a new fragrance to just four weeks by using 'human-machine fragrance co-creation' that can be completed in five easy steps.

By tapping into the rise of Digital Fragrances, Givaudan is using AI technology to develop products tailored to a local market. ‘Our unique co-creation model allows brands to get deeply involved in the fragrance creation process. Thanks to a visual touchscreen, customers are able to quickly realise their olfactory vision,’ explains Yaling Li, Givaudan’s head of fragrances for Greater China and Korea.

Givaudan perfume in collaboration with Tmall Innovation Centre, Switzerland and China

Strategic opportunity

Choosing a scent can be hard enough in traditional bricks-and-mortar settings. How can companies use AI technology to make it easier to shop for perfume on e-commerce platforms?

Stat: Fashion tops Gen Z entertainment spending

Mango Teen, designed by Masquespacio, Spain Mango Teen, designed by Masquespacio, Spain

US – The Business of Fashion's latest report Gen-Z and Fashion in the Age of Realism explores the generation’s thoughts and feelings on fashion in the US, where Gen Z have an estimated disposable income of £307bn ($360bn, €349.5bn).

Half of Gen Zers say fashion is their preferred entertainment category to spend money on, followed by dining (43%), and video games and consoles (33%). Fashion is important to Gen Z because it makes them feel confident (89%) and helps them affirm their identity (82%), whereas status (32%) and trendiness (43%) matter much less to them.

With their sartorial choices, Gen Z are a creative and self-affirming bunch – 61% believe they have an influence on their friends' fashion purchases, and 59% on that of their families.

With young consumers prioritising fashion spending, and spreading the word about their love for style on social media, the Teen Fashion Market presents a vast market opportunity.

Strategic opportunity

Don’t overlook Gen Z – as the Business of Fashion study shows, consumers tend to splurge less on apparel as they get older. Winning over young fashion aficionados will not only secure sales, but will also amplify your brand’s visibility and relevance

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