Money Market: Generation X

Money Market: Generation X:

With the prospect of retiring later, this family-orientated generation of spenders are in need of dedicated...

Singapore Wellness Market Markets

Singapore Wellness Market:

With a significant expat community, Singapore is becoming a new hub of health and wellness as its residents...

Indulgence Market: Restaurant Desserts Markets

Indulgence Market: Restaurant Desserts:

Changing consumer palates and a marked decline in the number of pastry chefs are forcing restaurants to...

Emerging Money Market: Sub-Saharan Africa

Emerging Money Market: Sub-Saharan Africa:

The financial infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa is being overhauled to form a more cohesive and reliable...

Hotel Toiletries Upgraded Markets

Hotel Toiletries Upgraded:

Faced with concern over plastic waste and the need to cater for a diverse range of guests, hotels are...

Hospitality Fitness Market Markets

Hospitality Fitness Market:

Reluctant to abandon the fitness regimes that have become such an integral part of everyday life, gym...

The State of Luxury: USA

The State of Luxury: USA:

The US maintains its position as the world’s biggest luxury market, but disruption from discounters,...

Chinese Fitness Market Markets

Chinese Fitness Market:

Fuelled by a growing interest in healthy living among China’s middle classes, the country’s health, wellness...

Money Market: Millennials

Money Market: Millennials:

While Millennials are anxious to ensure their future financial stability, fear of missing out (FOMO)...

The State of Luxury: UK

The State of Luxury: UK:

Brexit has left the UK luxury sector divided – but can a Millennial state of mind redress the balance...

Emerging Youth: South Korea

Emerging Youth: South Korea:

In a patriarchal society dominated by tradition, young South Koreans are choosing to forge their own...

The State of Craft Beer Markets

The State of Craft Beer:

With craft beer producers in the West struggling in an overly competitive market, innovators are looking to...

Renewable Energy Market

Renewable Energy Market:

With demand for energy relentless, brands are launching initiatives focused on empowering a new subset of...

Self-tanning Market Markets

Self-tanning Market:

Negative associations with reality tv stars and unpredictable results have limited the market scope of fake...

Children’s Travel Market Markets

Children’s Travel Market:

Modern travel brands are going above and beyond to ensure children are entertained on holiday.

Luxury Student Market

Luxury Student Market:

As international students migrate to the world’s wealthiest cities in pursuit of a superior education and...

Emerging Youth: Nigeria

Emerging Youth: Nigeria:

Misrepresented by politicians, young Nigerians are reclaiming a sense of national pride through movements...

Money Market: Generation Z

Money Market: Generation Z:

A generation of pragmatists, Generation Z have a conservative approach to spending that is offset by a...

Fermented Drinks Market Markets

Fermented Drinks Market:

The functional fermented drinks market is maturing fast, with innovators emphasising improved health...

Mature Men’s Beauty Market

Mature Men’s Beauty Market:

Beauty products aimed at an older demographic are skewed towards women, but more and more Baby Boomer men...

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