Indian Luxury Market Markets

Indian Luxury Market:

India’s luxury market is being buoyed by the growing spending power of the middle classes, women and the...

Cognac Market

Cognac Market:

Long considered a staid and elitist drink, cognac brands are working to make the spirit more accessible.

Women’s Wealth Market: Part 1

Women’s Wealth Market: Part 1:

Women’s approach to spending money differs from men, with women prioritising investments in social causes...

Emerging Youth: Japan

Emerging Youth: Japan:

Young Japanese consumers are more realistic, conservative and risk-averse than their predecessors, and are...

Alternative Education Market Markets

Alternative Education Market:

As parents and institutions become increasingly frustrated by Silicon Valley’s attempts to disrupt the...

Synthetic Leather Market

Synthetic Leather Market:

Synthetic leather is evolving from low-quality, environmentally damaging pleather to a luxury staple for...

eSports Market: Part 1

eSports Market: Part 1:

With exponential growth across Asia and North America, the eSports channel is becoming a key way to reach...

Fragrance Market Markets

Fragrance Market:

The perfume market is changing as consumers continue to shun mass-market fragrances in favour of premium,...

Millennial Family Travel Market

Millennial Family Travel Market:

As more and more Millennials enter parenthood, they are not giving up on their thirst for travel or their...

Pricing Strategies: Part 2

Pricing Strategies: Part 2:

Through a combination of data-collection and changing consumer demand, artificial intelligence is bringing...

Pricing Strategies:     Part 1 Markets

Pricing Strategies: Part 1:

From price point activism to discounts based on demand, companies are embracing a more dynamic approach to...

Chinese Duty-free Retail Market Markets

Chinese Duty-free Retail Market:

Chinese tourists’ passion for duty-free shopping is making Asia-Pacific the engine of growth for...

Women’s Streetwear Market Markets

Women’s Streetwear Market:

While streetwear has traditionally been an alienating market for young women, change is under way, with...

Childrenswear Market Markets

Childrenswear Market:

The childrenswear market is booming, with the rise of Millennial parenting affecting everything from the...

The Future of Haircare

The Future of Haircare:

Brands are looking to skincare science and the potential of technology in order to tap into new market...

South Africa Travel Market Markets

South Africa Travel Market:

As tourism in South Africa booms, a rise in the number of African travellers and of companies bringing about...

Wellness Architecture Markets

Wellness Architecture:

As health and wellness becomes entrenched as a mainstream mindset, it is spreading into new areas – moving...

Gut Health Market

Gut Health Market:

A greater understanding of the positive impact that sustaining gut bacteria has on overall health, both...

Loyalty Market Markets

Loyalty Market:

As consumers become less loyal, brands are looking to personalisation, cryptocurrencies and mobile-based...

Voice Retail Market Markets

Voice Retail Market:

As voice-enabled devices continue to enter our homes, and consumers become increasingly comfortable with...

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