Parking eaters: Restaurant offers raw atmosphere

22 : 05 : 2013 Richard Lindvall : Dystopia : Car Park

Stockholm – Hanging out in car parks after dark was once the preserve of bored teenagers, but now Swedish designer Richard Lindvall has turned a car park on the outskirts of Stockholm into a restaurant and nightclub.

The venue, called Restaurang & Bar Nazdrowje, uses repurposed raw materials rather than luxurious furnishings. As a result, the design invokes a sci-fi feel, reminding LS:N Global of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, with brass pipes, valve light bulbs and concrete surfaces.

‘The natural raw atmosphere of the space was kept and used as a base for the concept,’ writes Lindvall. ‘Floors were made of concrete and casted benches were mounted directly onto the walls.’

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