Into the spirit: Drinks with medicinal properties

11 : 04 : 2013 Natural Ingredients : Different From The Norm : Products With Benefits

Greece – Athens-based distillery Finest Roots Spirits offers a range of drinks with medicinal properties and emblematic packaging.

Today’s consumers are increasingly seeking products with benefits and designs that depart from the norm. Designers are therefore turning to emblems and graphic identities that represent the characteristics and personality of their products, as we reported in our Emblematic Inspire.

Finest Roots Spirits has created four unique liqueurs, all made from natural ingredients and with their own medicinal history and artistry. Herb Spirit features herbs, spices and dittany, which Aristotle once wrote had curing properties. Tentura has notes of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, while Mastiha contains resin from mastic trees, which was used for medicine in the Roman and Ottoman empires. Rakomelo is a soothing blend of honey and raki. 

With a uniform and emblematic stamp, and the use of medicine-like glass bottles, the products have a remedial and healing aesthetic.

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