Emergency service: Durex launches delivery app

31.01.2013 Dubai : Video Campaign : Buzzman

Dubai – Condom-maker Durex has unveiled the SOS Condoms app, which promises to deliver protection to people who need it within an hour of ordering.

The app, created by advertising agency Buzzman Middle East, will deliver condoms to couples in any location from 4:00pm to 4:00am. The app uses smartphone GPS technology to determine a couple’s location, then sends an agent to discreetly deliver the condom.

The video campaign that accompanied the app’s launch features secret agent-like exchanges in which fake pizza delivery men and police surreptitiously pass the condoms to the couples.

This app makes good use of smartphone GPS technology to deliver an instant service. Regards of whether the app works, the video is a well-executed piece of viral marketing.

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