Think bike: The future of electric vehicles

31.05.2012 Transport : Mobility : Lifestyle

US – California-based automotive company Lit Motors has unveiled the prototype for the C-1, a gyroscopically stabilised electric vehicle that combines the urban efficiency of a motorbike with the safety of a car.

The C-1 is completely sealed, and accessed through two side doors, seating two people one behind the other. Electronically controlled gyroscopes concealed beneath the driver keep the vehicle upright and can even maintain its balance in a collision.

Dubbed the ‘rolling smartphone’, the C-1 can synchronise with numerous electronic devices to select best driving routes, among other features. The electronic engine charges in 4–6 hours and can run for 150–220 miles, reaching a top speed of over 120mph.

This is a great example of how vehicles will change in the future urban environment. For more on future mobility, read our Urban Future Mobility micromarket report.

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