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Polish FMCG brand Tymbark turns to AI, a tennis-scented fragrance from DS & Durga and why nearly half of US adults support TikTok ban.

Tymbark turns to AI to revamp iconic song

Tymbark, Poland

Poland – Creative agency DDB Warsaw has launched a video campaign for Tymbark, a heritage FMCG brand. The campaign uses AI-generated videos and involves leading Polish artists. It aims to modernise Tymbark's image by re-imagining its iconic song, ‘Everything tells me that someone has fallen in love with me’, which has been popular since 1968.

The campaign employs the latest AI technologies, letting artists infuse their style into AI-created films. This aligns Tymbark with current consumer expectations and sets a new standard for heritage brands looking to modernise in Eastern Europe.

Tymbark’s technological move is in synch with how generative AI is transforming the creative sector, as discussed in our Generative AI Creativity Market. It suggests that heritage brands will increasingly seek relevance and emotional connections through AI.

Strategic opportunity

To court novelty-driven Gen Z, businesses should consider how enlisting generative AI can help make communications more creative, personalised and culturally relevant

DS & Durga develops tennis-scented fragrance

DS & Durga DS & Durga

Global – Tapping into the ever-growing racquet culture, fragrance brand DS & Durga has introduced a new scent taking inspiration from the tennis courts.

The perfume is playfully named Crush Balls and was launched as part of Brooklyn-based DS & Durga’s Studio Juice limited-edition line just as the 2023 US Open kicks off. Co-founder and perfumer David Seth Moltz explains that the scent was imagined to capture ‘the vibe of tennis’ and its intricacies, rather than simply mimicking how a tennis ball smells. Crush Balls transports the wearer on a sensory voyage to the courts, combining notes of rubber, glue, grass, rosemary and citrus.

This playful yet sophisticated tennis scent is a savvy way to tap into the popularity of tenniscore. While Racquet Culture has been making waves on social media and influencing, DS & Durga’s fragrance offers tennis fans a sensorial and novel way to engage with the sport.

Strategic opportunity

Taking cues from DS & Durga, consider whether synaesthesia – the act of experiencing one of our five senses through others ­– could be a tool to help your business connect more deeply with your audience

Stat: Nearly half of American adults support TikTok ban

Fairphone, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Fairphone, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

US – According to a Reuters/Ipsos survey conducted on 14–15 August 2023, some 47% of American adults express at least partial support for banning the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok from use in the US. TikTok, owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, has faced increasing scrutiny about potential Chinese government influence and national security implications.

The poll also highlighted deep unease among Americans about China’s global influence, reflecting strained US-China relations. The survey encompassed responses from 1,005 adults nationwide, revealing that 58% of Republicans and 47% of Democrats favoured a TikTok ban. Despite these concerns, TikTok says that over 150m Americans, including 5m businesses, actively use the platform for various purposes, and has continually emphasised its efforts to safeguard user data. Consumers burnt out on traditional social media spaces are looking at new platforms that align with their values, as revealed in our Anti-provocation Platforms.

Strategic opportunity

For businesses operating in the US market, it is essential to assert authenticity if using TikTok to connect with audiences. How can you reframe your communication strategy to ensure reliability and authenticity?

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