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Diptyque's homewares tap trad-luxe trend, Self Space launches therapist-led slow dating events and young Americans go to social media for money advice.

Diptyque's Simple Objects collection taps into trad-luxe homewares trend

Simple Objects by Diptyque in collaboration with Sam Baron, France
Simple Objects by Diptyque in collaboration with Sam Baron, France
Simple Objects by Diptyque in collaboration with Sam Baron, France

France – Luxury fragrance brand Diptyque has collaborated with designers, artists and craftsmen on a homewares collection that taps into a growing trad-luxe direction.

The Simple Objects range was created with the materials the brand uses to make its candles: wood, wax, ceramics and glass. Items including candleholders and elaborate matchholders are mostly oval-shaped in reference to Diptyque’s iconic logo. ‘Although simple in shape and conception, the candle calls for some serious savoir-faire,’ says Diptyque.

The pieces are intended to be displayed throughout the home, from table spaces to mantlepieces. We’ve recently seen in Topline Tableware how luxury tableware is rising in popularity among younger consumers. Home is a place for expression and they look for pieces that feel unique enough to elevate their everyday moments – and embed reassuring rituals.

Strategic opportunity

Offer consumers products that make them feel indulgent – and which remind them home is more than merely a functional place but also a space for relaxation, expression and joy

Self Space’s response to modern dating woes is therapist-led slow dating

UK – Self Space, a progressive therapy provider, has decided to do a little more for its clients than bear witness to dating misfortunes and pick up the pieces, with the introduction of a speed dating event led by therapists.

Self Space therapists regularly hear about the trials and tribulations of modern dating, which inspired the company’s new concept, a slow dating event, dedicated to swipe-fatigued singles who want to embrace a mindful approach to dating. Conveniently launching shortly after Valentine’s Day, the event kicks off with heterosexual meetings, with LGBTQ+ and friendship-centred events in the works.

During the event, attendees can expect therapist-led sessions and group workshops, relieving the one-to-one pressures of conventional speed dating. Self Space’s founder Jodie Cariss describes this initiative as an alternative to the ‘swipe and dispose’ dating culture, encouraging connections that go beyond surface level and outlast the first ‘ick’.

Even though new generations of apps are reshaping the modern online dating landscape, this event suggests that people are craving old-school socialising, and hints at the extent of dating apps’ toxicity ­­– serious enough to make people want to have therapists moderate meetings.

Slow Dating by Self Space, UK

Strategic opportunity

As the anti-toxicity, slow life concept takes off, there is an opportunity for businesses to reconsider whether they are catering for a growing group of people who want simpler, slower and more thoughtful interactions

Stat: Gen Z and Millennials look to social media for financial advice

Photography by Ketut Subiyanto Photography by Ketut Subiyanto

US – When 18-41-year-olds in the US need advice on money matters they don’t seek out accountants or financial planners, they go to YouTube, Reddit and TikTok.

A survey commissioned by Forbes found that 79% of US Millennials and Gen Z have received financial advice from social media. These platforms are safe spaces for them, so it makes sense they feel comfortable asking them for advice. Some 76% of those surveyed believe financial content on social media has made it less taboo to talk about money and 62% feel empowered by their access to financial advice on social media.

There is plenty of money content on these platforms – nearly seven in 10 of those surveyed said they encounter financial advice on social media platforms at least once a week, and one in four stumbles upon it every day.

When it comes to which platforms they prefer to use for advice, Millennials and Gen Z are split, with the older demographic favouring Reddit and the younger preferring YouTube.

Current economic anxieties mean that thoughts about finances seep into every part of consumers’ lives. In our Cost of Living series see how brands and business are responding to consumers at a time of great economic uncertainty.

Strategic opportunity

Don’t get hung up on the forum you’re using to deliver information to consumers; instead, prioritise connection. Consumers will happily hear advice from unconventional sources in unexpected places as long as they feel connected to them

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