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Indigenous artists are a match for FIFA’s Women’s World Cup, Addison Rae launches mind-altering fragrances for Gen Z and the rise of boutique fitness.

The Women’s World Cup spotlights Indigenous heritage

Beyond Greatness by Public Address and Works Collective for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023
Beyond Greatness by Public Address and Works Collective for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023
Beyond Greatness by Public Address and Works Collective for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023

New Zealand and Australia – Drawing on its host nations' Indigenous heritage, a new campaign and visual identity for FIFA’s 2023 Women’s World Cup tournament spotlights Aboriginal motifs and references, paying tribute to the people and histories of New Zealand and Australia. The Beyond Greatness campaign, created by design studios Public Address and Works Collective, enlisted local artists Chern’ee Sutton and Fiona Collis to help develop a visual identity that is respectful yet energetic.

Taking inspiration from the Oceanic landscape, the campaign's colour palette is based on the rich biodiversity of the two countries, while the radial design of the logo is a reference to a familiar Indigenous motif found in Australia and New Zealand. In this instance, the symbol represents the fans, families and supporters that will travel to see the tournament, celebrating how sporting events can unite people across nations and cultures.

By uplifting Indigenous communities and diversifying the traditional associations of football, this campaign expresses the values of Graphic Activism.

Strategic opportunity

When representing or working within a particular region or culture, companies should actively employ local designers and creatives to ensure understanding, inclusivity and respect in any creative output

Social media mood scents targeting Gen Z

Addison Rae fragrance Addison Rae fragrance
Addison Rae fragrance Addison Rae fragrance

US – Tapping into the interests of Generation Z, TikTok and social media personality Addison Rae has launched a line of fragrances to evoke different moods. Available in three variations – Chill AF, Happy AF and Hyped AF – each scent has been tested using science-based trials that detect brain stimulation when the wearer is exposed to the different fragrances.

Developed with beauty company Hampton Beauty, the mood-led fragrances demonstrate Rae’s understanding of younger beauty consumers’ preferences, offering multi-functional formulations balanced with social media-worthy packaging and branding. Lori Mariano, managing partner of Hampton Beauty, notes: ‘She [Addison Rae] wanted not only for her audience and fans to smell good, she wanted them to feel good. Her whole concept was how do we take fragrance to a different approach?’ Rae also understands where her target audience shop and discover beauty, and the scents can only be purchased directly through a dedicated TikTok and Instagram profile.

Mood-altering ingredients and formulas are on the rise. We’ve been tracking the ways that brands have been using ingredients and scent to boost people’s moods or counteract daily stressors.

Strategic opportunity

Products that balance neuroscience with social media trends will appeal to younger audiences. Brands operating in the beauty, wellness and fashion sectors should consider the personalities and needs of Gen Z in shaping future products

Radisson corporate bookings go carbon-negative

Minnesota – As part of its Responsible Business programme, the Radisson Hotel Group is offering carbon-negative meetings and events across 400 hotels in its EMEA portfolio.

Heralding a new era of sustainability for corporate travel, the programme will offset double the CO2 emissions for every business event that takes place at participating hotels free of charge. The group will calculate the carbon cost of each meeting by using the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative tool, a methodology that is recognised by the Gold Standard of Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). The programme will initially run between 18 October 2021, and 31 March 2022.

As conferences and trade shows transition online, the pandemic has radically altered the future of business travel. To remain competitive, hospitality companies must provide more than convenient amenities and meeting spaces to lure corporate travellers. By offering carbon-negative packages, the Radisson Hotel Group is adding a business angle to the wider Eco-Tel Evolution.

Radisson Hotel Group

Strategic opportunity

Amid the growth of remote working and travel eco-consciousness, hotel groups should offer sustainable business or corporate packages that can help companies justify trips abroad

Stat: Boutique fitness spaces on the rise in the UAE

Rowbots, London Rowbots, London

Dubai A new study from Ken Research reports that boutique fitness centres will be the highest-performing sector in the UAE’s rapidly growing fitness market, with outlets increasing from 1,600 to 2,600 in the next four years.

Overall, the UAE fitness industry’s projected valuation is set to increase to more than £444m ($600m, 520m) by 2025, reaching a growth rate of 10.9%, while in the wider Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, growth is projected to be 19%. Ken Research reports that this growth is accompanied by a shift away from individual gym training towards specialised group classes such as Pilates, martial arts and aerobics classes online, and via live-stream.

With the fastest predicted expansion, the emerging demand for boutique fitness constitutes a market opportunity to target health-conscious consumers seeking fitness options as forms of entertainment or socialising. The report points towards further growth in the Exertainment Market as well as the potential of Focused Fitness Classes in the UAE and across the MENA region.

Strategic opportunity

Fitness is an increasing priority for UAE consumers seeking engaging experiences. Appeal to growing demand by offering elevated fitness experiences and wellness-related products

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