CES 2017: Top five innovations

20.01.2017 CES 2017 : CES Show : CES International

Las Vegas – At the 50th edition of CES the industry presented a more mature approach to technology as brands fine-tuned existing concepts to more fully integrate elements such as artificial intelligence, near-infrared technology and the Internet of Things into consumers’ lives in 2017.

  • The fitness tracker acquired Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) capabilities with the introduction of Mio Slice
  • Symantec addressed security concerns around the Internet of Things

‘One of the most interesting innovations we saw was the emotional car. Faraday, Honda and Toyota have all created cars that can respond to the mood of the driver,’ says LS:N Global insight editor Daniela Walker. ‘The future of automobiles is not only automated, it’s emotional.’

In this film, we learn about the top five innovation picks from the trade show floor.

The Big Picture

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