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11.01.2017 On Running : Chord : Thomas Traum
On Cloudflow campaign by Chord and Thomas Traum, UK

UK – Chord’s interactive online experiences aim to recreate the endorphin rush of running to promote On’s latest shoe.

  • Chord wants to appeal to runners’ emotional connection with their sport over their interest in technical details
  • Each experience immerses the viewer in a rich visual landscape designed to recreate the experience of runner’s high

Digital studio Chord has worked with artist Thomas Traum to create a series of four immersive online experiences in which users travel through rich visual and audio landscapes, with each promoting a different aspect of On’s latest running shoe.

On’s new product is designed to help the wearer more easily achieve a state of runner’s high, the endorphin rush reached when working out. Rather than confusing consumers with technical jargon, Chord aims to recreate the euphoric state induced by exercise, therefore appealing to runners’ emotional connection with their sport.

Each of the interactive experiences uses a Poly-reality aesthetic to help communicate the way in which On’s footwear technology contributes to athletes’ ability to reach their peak physical and mental state.

The Big Idea

Brands are quickly realising that today’s consumers are more interested in the emotional experience that a product offers than in its technical details. Read our macrotrend The E-motional Economy for more.

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