Digitally mining memories

14.11.2016 Awakening Tech : Atlas Informatics : Recall
Atlas Informatics, US

Seattle – Atlas Informatics has launched a photographic search engine that acts as an online memory assistant.

  • Atlas Informatics was established in 2014 by Jordan Ritter, who co-founded Napster
  • Recall relies on cloud computing to access the information on users’ computers

Technology has provided us with such a wealth of data that recollecting information, especially across devices, can often be difficult. Recall indexes users’ online and offline history, and enables users to navigate through association.

By mimicking the associative structure of memory, the search engine makes it easy for people to quickly locate the information they want by inputting factors such as the colour of the website or naming other platforms that were open at the time.

The search engine screenshots every window, file, text, Tweet and Facebook post and allows you to both search for it and re-open it if it’s a file or webpage. According to the company’s research, 20% of our search engine requests are for material that we have already seen.

The Big Picture

By successfully simulating the patterns of our own memory, Recall is able to use technology to streamline the process of remembering. For more, see our Awakening Tech macrotrend.

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