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08.06.2016 Cornetto : Series Commitment : Live Streaming
Cornetto Commitment Rings by LOLA MullenLowe, Madrid

US – Cornetto wants to bring an end to Netflix adultery with its Commitment Rings.

  • The near field communication (NFC)-enabled rings prevent a viewer from watching certain shows if they are not with their partner
  • When the two rings are in close proximity to each other, an app automatically unblocks the content

According to a study by New York magazine on Netflix adultery, 12% of US adults admitted to watching ahead on shows that they promised to watch with their partner, while 12% have faked their reactions to a show to appear as if they were viewing it for the first time.

The two rings work with an accompanying app to block wearers from accessing certain shows unless both are present. Cornetto is in negotiations with popular streaming apps and plans to distribute the rings in the near future.

For long-distance relationships, the third-party Chrome plug-in Netflix Party enables users to synchronise the playback of their favourite shows and chat to each other in real time.

The Big Picture

Consumers are increasingly using online streaming sites as a platform to connect and engage with like-minded people. Find out more in our Community TV microtrend.

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