Heard this one before

01.12.2015 Japan : Deja Vu : Kamra
Deja vu by Kamra and Invisible Designs Lab

Japan – Deja vu is an interactive music video that enables viewers to engage with the producer’s creative concept.

  • Users upload a self-portrait to the video, which is manipulated in time with the music
  • Plays with the identity and emotional states of the viewer

Musician and artist Kamra has collaborated with creative agency Invisible Designs Lab on a new interactive music video for his single Deja vu.

A desktop camera captures an image of a viewer’s face, which is then used to create a unique audio-visual artwork examining various identities and emotional states to the soft, glitchy beats of Kamra’s soundscape.

In one instance, different parts of the viewer’s face merge with others to create a surreal collage evocative of LS:N Global’s Digital Surrealism design direction. 

The concept for the interactive video mirrors the key idea for the Kamra’s album Artificial Emotions, which plays with the idea of an out-of-body experience.

The Big Picture

Interactive music videos such as Deja vu are enabling producers to communicate the message behind their tracks in a more direct and immediate way. For more, read our microtrend on Transmedia Music Videos.