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19.10.2015 Architecture : Asmbld : Adaptive
DOM Indoors created by Asmbld, New York

New York – Asmbld’s reconfigurable spaces concept suggests a new approach to interior architecture.

  • Tiny robots assemble small modules that can be configured into any shape of room or surface
  • People will design their own rooms by using phones to program shapes and positioning

Under the name Project Dom Indoors, this new Brooklyn-born research initiative is a vehicle for rethinking the human habitat. It was conceived in response to how rising property prices are forcing people into increasingly small spaces, most noticeably in Manhattan.

The project is an experiment in architectural robotics. It plays with reconfiguration robots, maintenance robots and other robots to explore how indoor spaces could adapt as living habits evolve.

The idea is that people will be able to use the system to build new rooms or download new furniture designs that would emerge from the modular floor, and this would be repeatable on demand. If it went into production it could change how shared workspaces are modified for various users and events, and how family members adapt their home to their individual needs.

The Big Picture

As designers and architects play with new applications of emerging technologies they are developing innovative spins on modular spaces. Brave companies are now phasing out the design industry’s outmoded obsolescence-based profit model and creating Immortal Brands. Read more in our microtrend on these Growth Products.

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