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16.09.2015 Macrotrend : The Immortal Brand : Ballantine's
Ballantine's Space Glass in collaboration with Open Space Agency, Scotland

Scotland – Internationally renowned whisky producer Ballantine’s has created the first whisky glass to function in microgravity.

  • Created in collaboration with the Open Space Agency
  • Designed with space tourism in mind 

Crafted from 3D-printed rose gold and plastic, the Ballantine’s Space Glass offers a playful look at the future of intergalactic food and drink experiences.

Designed to resemble a traditional whisky tumbler, the glass counteracts microgravity by trapping the liquid in a plastic dome under which it can be swirled to release its aromas. A mouth clip, similar to a straw, can then be used to ingest the whisky.

Sandy Hyslop, master blender at Ballantine’s, has created an exclusive, limited-edition Special Batch, formulated to offset gravity’s dulling effect on taste. ‘In space, you do not experience smell and taste with the same intensity as you do on earth,’ he tells The Drinks Business. ‘Astronauts miss the taste of home, so crafting a fruitier, stronger, more floral blend helps keep that taste with them.’

The Big Picture: As space becomes the next surmountable frontier, brands such as Ninkasi Brewing Company are creating products tailored to interstellar travel. To learn more about businesses looking beyond the short term, read our macrotrend The Immortal Brand

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