CGI cosmetics: Artist uses projection-mapping to create virtual make-up

21.08.2014 Projection Mapping : Beauty Wearables : Tokyo
OMOTE Real-time face tracking & projection mapping

Tokyo – The future of make-up may not be what you think. Nobumichi Asai, a Japanese technical director and producer, has created Omote, a projection-mapping installation that displays make-up and CGI effects on a person’s face with surprising accuracy.

Omote – which means surface or front in Japanese – combines projection-mapping, computer-generated imagery and face-tracking to place different imagery accurately on a model’s face. She is then transformed from wearing lipstick and eyeshadow, which remain on her face as she moves, into a digital robot, complete with images that seamlessly follow the contours of her face.

Asai worked with a team of creative developers on the project. He started by taking a 3D scan of the model’s face and head, and then pinpointed marks on her face to delineate the contours. An artist then layered graphics onto her face and manipulated them.

There have been a wide range of innovative projection-mapping projects, such as the inimitable Box, but Omote shows the potential of the technology to create effects in more real-life situations. Projection-mapping make-up may be a long way off, but the technology has great potential for shows and events. 

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