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Caveman snacks: New health bars for the Paleo diet

04 : 06 : 2014 Paleo : Alpha Snacks : Health Food

London – The Paleolithic (Paleo) diet – eating mostly protein, vegetables, fruit and nuts like a caveman – is becoming less of a cult trend and more of a lifestyle. Now, a new company has launched the first Paleo bars for UK consumers, making Paleo on the go easy.

The Primal Kitchen may not be the first brand to sell fruit and nut bars, but it claims to offer the first truly Paleo bars because they do not include any vegetable oils or refined sugars often found in other bars containing dried fruit. 

The brand identity, designed by Midday Studio, highlights the ancient way of eating with imagery that recalls the cave drawings of Lascaux.

‘The Paleo lifestyle is a relatively new concept to introduce to UK consumers, so it was important for us to communicate the origins of this diet in a clear and uncomplicated way,’ Claudio Vecchio, creative director at Midday Studio, tells LS:N Global. ‘We put the cave at the heart of the brand. From this core idea we developed a primitive but considered cave painting style of illustration and the colours used to differentiate flavours are visually striking and tasty. We purposely only ever used two colours to effect a more primal style of printing.’

For more on how brands are increasingly marketing functional health snacks, read our Alpha Snacks microtrend.

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