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Dodge darts over to crowdsourcing initiative

21 : 01 : 2013 Dodge : Portland : Wieden + Kennedy

The Kickstarter-inspired site, created by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, gives potential car buyers the ability to customise their own Dart online, choosing the colour, engine, wheels, door handles and interior accessories.

Once they have finished creating their dream car, they can invite friends, family and other Dodge Dart Registry users to sponsor their purchase. Sponsors can give the user any amount from $1 to $30,000. Depending on the amount raised, users can then buy the car or pay partly with the sponsored cash and partly with their own money.

Compact car models such as the Dodge Dart are becoming increasingly popular among US consumers. In September 2012, car sales were at a higher annual rate than in any other month since February 2008, according to research company Autodata, and small cars were the leading category.

But many consumers are still feeling the pinch of the economic crisis and may not be able to afford to buy a car on their own. By incorporating the crowdsourcing model into online retail, Dodge is giving them the chance to own a car with the help of others.

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