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Channel 4 launches new social media channel

15 : 03 : 2012 Channel 4 : Tv : Social Media

London – UK tv station Channel 4 has announced the launch of a new channel called 4seven, which will broadcast programmes based on how frequently they appear on social media.

The broadcaster hopes the social channel will generate conversation about programmes, and plans to schedule intuitively the most popular and talked-about shows.

‘Scheduled in close harmony with all our other channels, 4seven will be a powerful way of maximising the audience for the many hours of new Channel 4 programming we launch every week, as well as being an opportunity to direct viewers back to Channel 4 to watch more,’ David Abraham, Channel 4 CEO, said at the FT Digital Media Conference.

This may develop into a form of event media, where people discuss programmes and campaign for them to be scheduled. For more on event media, see our Future Media Landscapes macrotrend.