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Healthy choice is the order of the day at McDonald’s

05 : 03 : 2012 Build Your Meal : McDonalds : Healthy

By Peter Firth and Ellie Osborne

Richardson, Texas – Design agency QA Graphics has created an interactive kiosk for a McDonald’s restaurant that gives diners nutritional information on menu items.

The kiosk has a touchscreen featuring the full menu, and provides a breakdown of how much protein, carbohydrates, fat, salt, fibre, calcium and iron each dish contains.

A Build Your Meal function lets people order their meal in four steps, choosing a starter, side dishes, a drink and a dessert. Customers can then assess the nutritional value of the choices they have made, and customise their selections to make them healthier by omitting cheese or choosing a low-fat sauce.

The kiosk also offers default meal options for people who want healthy fast food.

This is a great example of a brand responding to consumers who want to take control of what they eat and would appeal to the Self-Quants tribe.