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The Veond app is making vegan living more accessible, United Airlines pushes back against jet lag, and British consumers are celebrating JOMO.

Prefab homes for low-impact, itinerant living

Stilt Studios by Alexis Dornier, Bali Stilt Studios by Alexis Dornier, Bali
Stilt Studios by Alexis Dornier, Bali Stilt Studios by Alexis Dornier, Bali
Stilt Studios by Alexis Dornier, Bali Stilt Studios by Alexis Dornier, Bali

Bali – Architect Alexis Dornier has developed a concept for modular, elevated housing that can be assembled and reassembled in different locations.

Stilt Studios, which are prefabricated homes on stilts, have been designed to have minimal impact on the land they occupy. Because they are elevated, the multi-level structures can be erected on sites with awkward shapes or difficult, uneven terrain.

Dornier’s high-end concept is customisable and scalable, with a variety of possible alterations and sizes. Following the principles of a circular economy, Stilt Studios are made to reuse and recycle products and materials for as long as possible, eliminating waste. Other sustainable features include large overhangs that are designed to minimise solar heat and harvest rainwater. Dornier also envisages that the space beneath the buildings could, in some cases, be used to grow food.

In the age of Liberation Luxury, Stilt Studios demonstrate how high-end design is evolving to reflect Untethered Luxurians’ itinerant lives.

United Airlines takes a stand against jet lag

Timeshifter and United Airlines Timeshifter and United Airlines
United Club, London Heathrow United Club, London Heathrow

US – The airline has joined forces with the Timeshifter app to monitor flyers’ sleeping habits.

The partnership, which was announced at United Airlines’ Flight 2020 event, will offer advice customised to each traveller’s itinerary, advising them when to sleep, stay awake, drink coffee or take melatonin based on their travel schedule.

According to vice-president of loyalty Luc Bondar, the airline is ‘thinking about every aspect of your journey’, offering Timeshifter to all passengers on a free trial basis and discounted membership for United’s MileagePlus members. The sleep management app, which was launched in 2018, was created in collaboration with Harvard Medical School and uses NASA-backed science.

With concern growing about the impact of regular travel on the body, consumers are looking to apps such as Timeshifter to improve their in-flight wellbeing.

Veond wants to create a ‘green’ network for vegans

Portugal – The app connects vegans with discounted food and plant-based experiences in their local area.

Expanding into the UK, Veond is a free app that hopes to become a nationwide network for vegans and vegetarians, as well as people who are curious about more eco-friendly ways of living. To do this, it provides promotional offers on nearby restaurants and products, such as Nuud natural deodorant and Votch vegan watches, as well as a selection of vegan recipes.

By highlighting the ways in which veganism can be cost-effective, Veond believes that consumers will act more consciously when deciding what to eat. The app is the brainchild of two Portugal-based entrepreneurs, who struggled to find useful information and product offers that were compatible with their plant-based preferences and eco-friendly lifestyles.

As well as making veganism more accessible for all, the app’s fun, colourful UX design embraces our latest design direction Vibrant Veganism.

Veond Veond

Stat: Modern Britons are facing social burnout

UK adults are increasingly favouring JOMO over FOMO, according to a new survey by YouGov. The data found that over a third of consumers (33%) often find themselves relieved when a friend cancels plans, suggesting that today’s consumers are living in an era of social burnout and Avoidance Culture.

When the data is split by gender, this share increases among women. In fact, 40% of British women report feeling relieved very or fairly often when a friend cancels, compared to just 25% of men. While this data indicates that consumers are less likely to socialise in public spaces such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs, it shows the potential for brands to step into the home space to cater for a new generation of home bodies.

For more, read our new macrotrend Home Eatertainment, launched on 21 November at our Food & Drink Futures Forum.

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