Huel, London Huel, London
Huel, London Huel, London
Huel, London Huel, London

Meet the Disruptors: Huel

23 : 08 : 2016 Global Futures Forum : Huel : The Future Laboratory

London – Nutritionally complete food brand Huel will be among our group of Disruptors at the forthcoming Global Futures Forum.

  • Huel is nutritionally complete human food
  • It promises to revolutionise the way we think about food

In choosing who would be a part of our Global Futures Forum, we had to define disruption. For us, it is about those whose ideas might now seem small – think Airbnb's first iteration, which was focused on enabling people to rent air mattresses in other people's homes – but like a pebble thrown in the pond, have the potential to create seismic ripple effects.

Huel is one such company, with an approach that sees food for what it is. Other than a pleasurable sensory experience, food at its core is a source of fuel. Many people who eat regular food tend to miss out on vital nutrients, despite an attempt at a balanced diet. Huel offers everything the human body needs in simple, powdered form.

The Big Picture

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