Off the page: Garage magazine features augmented reality fashion editorial

11.02.2015 Garage Magazine : Augmented Reality : Transmedia Futures
Garage Magazine spring / summer 2015 edition, London

London – Garage magazine has created a marriage of pixels and paper for its spring/summer 2015 edition.

Each of its five special-edition covers, featuring the glamazon faces of the most Insta-famous models on the planet, can be turned into 3D sculptures using the Garage app.

Although not the first time Garage has used augmented reality to lift its stories off the page, this is the most all-encompassing and ambitious of its efforts.

‘I have always been very intrigued by the idea that there can be more behind the page than just the page,’ says Garage fashion director Charlotte Stockdale. ‘I thought how interesting it would be to do a fashion shoot that was all behind the page as opposed to on the page.’

Holding an app-activated mobile over the cover causes the model’s face to rise in a 3D holographic, cuing a digital show complete with sound effects from producer Alex da Kid.

Digital content continues inside, using the app and magazine as a portal for an augmented fashion editorial, shot by Nick Knight.

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