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Aristotle by Nabi, US Aristotle by Nabi, US

CES 2017: AI nanny

09 : 01 : 2017 CES 2017 : Mattel : Growth Products

Las Vegas – Mattel has entered the voice assistant market with Aristotle, its first smart speaker aimed at children.

  • Aristotle was created by Mattel’s nabi line of technology for kids
  • More than an AI speaker, Aristotle has an in-built light and accompanying wi-fi camera
  • The device was created in collaboration with Microsoft and Qualcomm

Aristotle is designed to be a connected hub in a child’s bedroom that grows with the child. When the child is a baby, Aristotle can act as a smart baby monitor, streaming videos of the nursery to a technology-savvy parent's phone.

Similar to Mark Zuckerberg’s AI-powered assistant Jarvis, the accompanying personal appsistant enables the parent to change the light settings or turn on soothing music or sounds. The device can also recognise the sound of the baby crying and automatically perform a soothing action, and can keep track of nappy usage and order more nappies.

As the child ages, Aristotle, using Microsoft’s AI Cortana technology, begins to learn the child's voice. It plays basic counting and alphabet learning games with the child, and these become more sophisticated as the child grows older. Aristotle helps with homework by retrieving answers from the web, and is intended to remain relevant as a learning companion until a child’s tweens with more complex foreign language lessons.

Unlike most smart speakers on display at CES, the focus of Aristotle is not to be able to fulfil generic demands of the smart home such as ‘turn off the lights’, but to do what all of Mattel's products are designed to do – create an educational experience for the child – but with an AI twist.

The Big Picture

Mattel aims to build products that last beyond the first year of a child's life. For more anti-obsolescence design, see our Growth Products microtrend. For more CES coverage, visit our Briefing, Behaviour and Shows sections.