Glen Neath: Creating theatre in darkness

01 : 09 : 2015 Immersive Theatre : Futuretainment : Binaural Sound
Glenn Neath Inform

I don’t want the audience to be concerned about joining the dots.

Glen Neath, theatre-maker and writer

In collaboration with director David Rosenberg, theatre-maker and writer Glen Neath has created two theatre shows, Ring (2013) and Fiction (2015) that have no set and no actors – just pitch-black darkness and a binaural sound headset to create a sonic landscape that feels more like a dream than reality.

Top five take-outs

1. Let every individual feel like they are the protagonist. This type of technology enables us to create a very intimate relationship with each audience member.

2. Binaural sound has endless opportunities. It makes listeners feel like they are exactly where it was recorded.

3. Narrative isn’t everything. It doesn’t have to be about following a story. It can be about constantly questioning what is real and what is not.

4. Participatory theatre is a false hypothesis. Theatre-makers are always in control of the outcome.

5. Darkness is your ally. It enables the imagination to come alive. 

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