Gareth Dunsmore: Nissan

02 : 05 : 2017 Nissan : The Internet Of Energy : Electric Cars

The fuel station of the future is the car itself because the battery inside the vehicle opens up a huge set of possibilities and freedoms.

Gareth Dunsmore, electric vehicle divisional general manager, Nissan Europe

The general manager of Nissan's electric vehicle division in Europe explains why he thinks electric vehicles should be at the centre of our energy infrastructure, how consumers can also become revenue-earning energy suppliers, and what changing attitudes towards ownership means for car-makers.

What this means to your brand

1. Because it combines both storage capacity and mobility, Nissan believes the car should be at the centre of our future energy infrastructure.

2. One of the highest costs of energy production is supplying enough power at peak need, something that would be reduced by making energy more mobile.

3. It is important that consumers can charge their car wherever they want, not just at home or in fuel stations, if the technology is going to achieve mass adoption.

4. Dunsmore believes that creating a system in which consumers can earn revenue from their own energy storage and production will also popularise electric vehicles.

5. While automotive brands need to be aware of evolving ideas of ownership, Dunsmore thinks that buying vehicles will remain a priority as Millennials grow older.

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