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Emily Medd: SEEN Connects

07 : 03 : 2017 SEEN Connect : Influencer Marketing : Emily Medd

We are reaching a saturation point when it comes to these big stars who are charging ridiculous amounts of money for one post, and brands just can’t keep up or measure the success of it.

Emily Medd, lead data analyst, SEEN Connects

The lead data analyst at influencer and social media marketing agency SEEN Connects explains how influencer marketing is becoming more relevant to smaller brands, the value of dark social and why the age of the mega-influencer may already have passed.

What this means to your brand

1. Influencer marketing is no longer the preserve of big brands. Smaller companies are now also using them to build advocacy around their offer.

2. Medd believes we have reached a saturation point with influencer marketing, with the big personalities charging exorbitant fees on which it is hard to calculate return on investment.

3. SEEN Connects focuses on micro-influencers – people with 100,000 followers or fewer – who can take the time to build a more equitable relationship with a brand.

4. Metrics aren’t everything. Sometimes a more in-the-moment and responsive dark social strategy is worth the trade-off in measurability.

5. The brand-influencer relationship relies on businesses being able to fully trust the creator’s content, rather than trying to alter their ethos.