Michelle Kennedy: Peanut

14 : 02 : 2017 Peanut : Motherhood : Social Network

I didn’t feel like anything was speaking to me in a way that I was used to by brands. Everything felt a bit patronising and not like a modern take on motherhood.

Michelle Kennedy, co-founder, Peanut

The co-founder of Peanut, a social network for mums, explains why parents are eager for new ways to build support networks and how brands get it wrong when it comes to motherhood.

What this means for your brand

1. Build bridges. Kennedy created Peanut as a way to help new mums who feel isolated at home connect with those in a similar position.

2. Link like-minded people. The app works against the assumption that all mums are alike, instead digging deeper to match people based on personal interests.

3. Catch up. The Peanut app was born out of Kennedy’s frustration that platforms aimed at parents were much less advanced than those for other demographics.

4. Be female first. Kennedy points out that mums dislike brands thinking of them solely as parents rather than women who have a life apart from their children.

5. Design for everyday parenting. Peanut has been built so that mums can organise meetings with one hand, so they don’t have to stop what they are doing.